Concrete is known for its strength and longevity. That’s why it is the building material of choice for designers, engineers, owners, contractors, and, of course, PGA. Concrete may not be as beautiful as marble, as strong as granite, as flexible as lumber, nor as cheap as dirt – but concrete is moldable, versatile, durable, and affordable – traits that the others can not claim equally. In addition, concrete is both fire and water resistant which is key when building million dollar structures that are exposed to the elements, full of people and expected to last for years to come. A quality mix, however, is only as good as the masons who handle it which is where PGA comes in. Whether you are building a new high rise or parking structure, a stadium or five star hotel, a private golf course or a new library on campus, we are well-versed in what concrete mixes to use, how and where to place them, when to pour them and how to cure them so they don’t lose their structural properties while enhancing their aesthetic beauty. PGA doesn’t end there. We offer a wide range of services including but not limited to: value engineering, budget assistance, design and engineering advice, concrete forming and placement, as well as reinforcing to name a few. PGA specializes in footings, slabs, retaining walls, cheek walls, stairs, seismic retrofits and shotcrete structures. For your next structural project, let PGA take a load off of your back – and pour it into your project instead. Click here to view a gallery of what we have done and can do for you.