Architectural concrete refers to the interior and exterior spaces of a structure that are permanently exposed. Considering it capitalizes on both conrete’s strength and beauty, careful consideration should be given to the materials, forming, placement and finish of it – and that’s where PGA shines. We have prudently put together a team that is proficient in the many appearances concrete has to offer. Whether your project requires natural gray or colored concrete, seeded or exposed aggregate, sawcut or score lines, a smooth or broom finish, acid wash or sandblast, or whether you are creating planter or seat walls, courtyards or plazas, sidewalks or driveways – PGA will put the “finishing” touches on your vision. Literally. We can execute the simplest, sleekest designs or designs that more closely resemble an artist’s poured in place painting. Regardless of the size or ingenuity of your project, our team believes in enhancing every community one yard at a time. Click here to find out more about the colors we use, the finishes we create or the processes we rely on. For a gallery of completed projects, please click here.